The New Nigerian Christmas Menu

Christmas  is here finally!  I for one have been waiting for it all year ( don’t blame me but Christmas is my favorite holiday. With the season comes lots of family,visitors and old friends who have also visited some other place. The staple menu in any Nigerian home this Christmas is Rice and Chicken, Whew! Are we not tired of the regular meals? In my search for something different,  stumbled on four different websites that share their menus and recipes. This is the new Nigerian Christmas menu! Try out some of them this weekend so that by Christmas, you have perfected the recipes.

No idea what your Christmas menu should look like? Not a great cook? No worries or judgement Visit all Nigerian Foods and get suggestions and easy to follow recipes.

At Nigerian food TV, They give you the regular Nigerian Menus with a twist. Check out their Christmas menu and recipes HERE. I am sure you will enjoy their serving options as well.

At Dobbys Signature Rather than come up with new Menus, they highlight our regular Nigerian menus but Showcase how some regular drinks and snacks can be enjoyed during the holidays. Check out their Christmas menu HERE

Make sure you check out any of these sites and let us know how their recipes worked for you.

The common idea is to have fun no matter what you’re eating! Tis the season to be jolly…. Complete the song 

Remember that the Yudala 12 Days of Christmas gift hut is still on! Follow us across all social media platforms (Twitter: @yudalaonline  Instagram: @yudalaonline and Yudala Limited on Facebook) to be a part of this amazing gift hunts. Have a sweet weekend *winks*

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