Becoming His She…Episode 8

The story continues, who else is beginning to get pissed off by Lily? I know I am. Dayo really needs to get his act together. Enjoy Becoming His She… Episode 8

“Why on earth are we going to island? Where do I know Dayo is?” Adesua said to Tolu finally with some clarity.

“Well, I don’t know too, but I could see that you just needed to leave the house,” Tolu responded quietly.

Adesua kept trying Dayo’s number but he still wasn’t picking his call.

“Tolu, is this my fault? I don’t know what has happened but I don’t feel good about Dayo not picking his calls” Adesua was clearly distraught.

“Keep quiet babes, I’m sure he’s fine and when he finally returns your calls, he will have a perfectly reasonable explanation. How about we go back home and wait for his call. We are not making any progress driving around on the island”.

“Okay”. Adesua whispered and zoned out.

She knew she didn’t overreact. The least anyone can do is end one chapter before trying to start another. Why will Dayo do that? So his plan was to date both she and lily at the same time? He even had the effrontery to try and make up an excuse for that call. Like Lily would call him about being pregnant if Dayo hadn’t touched her. Once she knows he’s fine mehn she’s so done with his lying ass.

“Whew! Thank God I dodged a bullet” Dayo thought to himself. The accident was crazy! He used to hear about these sorts of accidents but this was the first he was witnessing such. His shirt had so much blood stains that he looked like he was a victim. Thank God for fast reflexes. Even though he was safe, he still had to be a good person and help transport some of the victims to the hospital.


The adrenaline was beginning to wear off and he started to think about how he got here and where he was going before the accident.

“Oh my God! Adesua!” Dayo exclaimed out loud. He searched for his phone and saw 27 missed calls. He immediately dialed her number.

Adesua picked on the first ring and before he could say anything, she shouted at him.

“Dayo! Where did you drop your phone? Are you okay? Where are you? I heard the noise before the call ended, what happened?” Adesua could not hold herself.

“I’m sorry love. I’m okay. The accident was in front of me. A guy’s car just stopped in the middle of the express and the man behind him drove right into him. I was just behind them but I swerved fast and I was able to avoid the wreck, had to park in front and join people trying to help them out. I just dropped the man off at General Hospital, Gbagada. Babes the guy looked really bad, I hope he makes it. I’m on my way to your house, we need to talk…” Dayo sighed.

“Okay. I’m home” Adesua said.

Adesua stood up and started clearing her room, it had to look presentable at least.

“No, I’m not doing this because Dayo was coming over” She told herself loudly.

“Someone is going crazy oo, hahaha. Talking to yourself and cleaning your room. Is there something I should know you psycho?” Tolu barged into her room and said really loudly.

“Ode! Tell to the whole compound that I’m cleaning my room” Adesua responded also loudly. This her friend was the craziest ever but she loved her nonetheless.

Adesua feigned distraction and told Tolu quietly “Dayo finally called back, he’s fine and on his way here”.

“Hahahahaha! No wonder you’re cleaning up.” She suddenly burst into a song “It’s about to go down!!!”

Adesua hurled a throw pillow at Tolu, “Get out of my room, you think everyone is like you”.

“Na you sabi, just have fun. I know it has been a while”. With that Tolu left Adesua’s room, half dancing and half walking.

As Tolu walked away, Adesua’s phone rang

“I’m outside”.

Time to face it…Did she trust him? Was she even still interested in whatever he had to say?

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  • Shola Araoye

    Now what will Dayo say about Lily’s pregnancy. I hope Adesua listen and believe him.