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Birth Of A Retail Giant

Welcome to a new retail era where all your shopping needs will be met, get ready to experience the Birth Of A Retail Giant!

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Picking The Perfect Laptop

How do you choose a laptop from the numerous options in the market? How do you decide which particular laptop will meet your needs? Here are our top 6 tips for Picking The Perfect Laptop.   The essence of laptops is to offer amazing portability and more...

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4 Tips For Driving Safe This Holiday Season

These 4 Tips For Driving Safe This Holiday Season has been properly timed in anticipation of the long weekend. Not only is safety important, driving safely is very important seeing as there will be lots of celebration with lots of drinking this season. Towards...

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Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+ unleashed

Technically, beauty is in the eye of the beholder…but are you really going wait till you behold your friend’s Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ before you see the beauty? Do you really want to be that person that always borrows their friend’s phone when they...

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Generators Are Essential in Nigeria.

Power solutions is a mandatory requirement in our everyday lives. Whether at home, office, industries, factories etc. – the need and importance of power cannot be undermined in any manner. With power gone most of the time, life and work seem to come to a standstill...

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Worry Less With Wireless

Do you remember that time you went swimming with your friends and you wanted to play some music but somehow your iPhone fell inside the pool and you had to soak it in rice for 3 days to resurrect it? Or that time you wanted to go for a run and listen to some music...



While sunny days might make you feel carefree, you shouldn’t entirely throw caution to the wind. Your health—particularly your skin health—is important to keep track of in the summer months. Here are 5 ways to avoid skin damage from the sun, regardless...


Say it with a gift!

Love is a beautiful thing, guys…And Valentine is just another opportunity to tell everyone in your life how much you love them. Just Say it with a gift! Valentine is upon us guys, what is your mood this year? How do you want Valentines to be? This year,...

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